OilPaint Brands

The oil paint brands quality can be divided in: 1) artist oil paint brands 2) oil paint brands for beginners Oil paint color Selector Software supports 19 well known Oil paint brands. See the oil paint brands list at the end of this text. So the First question is: what are good oil paint brands? How to Choose a Brand of Oil Paint? how-to-choose-a-brand-of-oil-paint

What brand of oil paint do you use and why? what-brand-of-oil-paint-do-you-use-and-why/22

Student Grade Oil Paints

Within the 19 supported Oilpaint brands there are 4 student Grade OilPaint brands. 1) Van Gogh Oils, 2) GRUMBACHER Academy Oils, 3) DALER-ROWNEY Georgian Oil Colours, 4) Winsor and Newton Winton


Color Palette

The First thing you need to do is selecting the right colors for your color palette. There are oil paint colors for landscapes, oil paint colors for portraits oil paint colors for skin, etc. But the question is: Do I need all those colors. Some artist use only the three primary colors red green and blue of a brand ,with White and Black for brightness The color palettes with are supported with the Oil Paint brands contain 14 colorants. But if you wish you can compose your own colorset.

color palette

Discount Oil Paints

When you buy a set of discount Oil paint colors and the RGB values are not available then you can prepare your own Color chart. With the Color update option of oil paint color selector you can calculate and add the Rgb value to the color set

discount color palette

Oil paint Color selector Supported OilPaint Brands

Supported Oil Paint Brands

19 Oil Paint Brands are supported, so there are 19 colorsets added to the oil paint color selector software.

You have to check the actual colordata (rgb values) of the paint supplier and if necessary change them with the update "colorset option."

With this option you can also add a complete new colorest

Da Vinci Alkyd Oil Paints

Da Vinci Alkyd oil paint colors

Gamblin Artists Oil Paints

Gamblin Artists oil paint colors

Grumbacher Academy Oil paints

Grumbacher Academy oil paint colors

Holbein Artists Oil Paints

Amsterdam oil paint colors

lidb2 (Discount Oil Paint)


Maimari Artisti Oil Paints

Maimari Artisti oil paint colors

Mussini Resin Schminck Oil Paints

Mussini Resin Schminck oil paint colors

Rembrandt Artist Oil Paints

Rembrandt Artist oil paint colors

Sennelier Artist Extra Fine Oil Paints

Sennelier Artist Extra Fine oil paint colors

Van Gogh Oil Colors Oil Paints

Van Gogh oil paint colors

Williamburg Artists Paints

Williamburg Artists oil paint colors

Winsor and Newton Artisan Oil Paint

Winsor and Newton Artisan oil paint colors

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