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Oil paint color matching

Oil painting for beginners often begins with oil painting from photo. And one of the questions when starting hobby oil painting is: "how to oil paint?" Color mixing, matching is one of the oil painting techniques that can be used for oil painting. The problem for beginners is that oil paint color mixing is not so easy. For portrait oil painting, the skin tones color matching is for many beginning artists difficult. The color theory of the oil paint color mixing Wheel is a great help but the right color matching is still difficult. But with this oil paint color matching software you can easily calculate oil paint color recipes. With Oil Paint color Selector you have got a hobby oil painting tool for beginners as wel for more experienced users. With this oil paint color matching tool the hobby artists can easily calculate the oil paint color recipes of a picture for painting on a canvas. Of course you can use this also for arcylic or other paints.

There are always two calculations: 1) The Painted Calculation and 2) The UnderPainting Calculation. The output result of every type of calculation is the original picture on the left. The painted, calculated picture in de middle and the underpainting on the right. When you mouse click in the Underpainting or in the painted picture there appears a number in the underpaintig as well in the painted picture. These numbers represent the color recipes for Painting. You can print this list.

oil paint color mixing

oil paint color recipes

Calculation methods.

Oil paint color matching is based on the rgb values of the colorants in the colorset. The oil paint color matching recipes are relatively, in comparison to each other. After adding a photo you can choose several calculation options. The most primaire calculation is the basic one. This calculation uses only the original oilpaints, so there are no mixtures. With the short and long option you calculate the recipes with white and black. The extra and super option calculates oil paint recipes with white, black, red, green and blue.

Three color oil paint color matching

With the RGB option you calculate the picture with only the three primary colors red, green and blue. White and black are used for brightness. The calculated Oil Paint color matching recipes can be printed with the Colorinfo option


Prepare Canvas

The Prepare Canvas option enlarges the three output pictures and add a grid on the painted picture and the underpainting. With the posterprint option you can print those large pictures on several A4 pages

prepare canvas

Oilpainting Examples

Here are some examples of this oil paint color mixing calculator, There is a special attention for oil paint color mixing for skin. As I mentioned before flesh color mixing oil paint is a topic that is still difficult for many beginning hobbiest The given examples are the output pictures after the calculation. The left picture is the original picture that you want to paint. The middle picture is the painted, calculated picture and the right is the underpainting. With the info option you can print all the paint mixtures of the selected areas and print them.


Oil paint color Selector color matching videos

Video Examples. Be patient. Those examples start very slow


There are 7 types of calculations available. Basic, Short, Long, Extra Super and RGB. Those last 3 calculations are the most accurate and fully supported. The RGB calculation calculates all necessary colormixes with only the primary colors Red, Green and Blue. White and Black are needed for brightness. See Calculation Options.

Prepare Canvas

The Prepare Canvas option enlarges the painted picture and add a grid on it. With the posterprint option you can print this large picture on several A4 pages

Poster Print

Poster print is a virtual printer module for printing very large posters. It is an additional piece of software that you can try and buy.

Match Picked Color

With this option you can add a predefined color (colormix) as new color to the Colorset.

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